Hi Everyone,

I hope your world has settled some since the upheaval of last week.  We watched as the rest of the world did to see what would happen, my son, in particular, was glued to the set.  He is getting married next year to a girl from Portland, Oregon and he is moving down there.  He was worried that if Mr Trump got in, the immigration laws would change and it would make it harder for him to move there.  I guess we will see.

Anyway, that is not what I wanted to talk about today.  I want to tell you about our weekend away and the hunt for a companion for Willie.


My baby
My Wee Monster – Willie


Since our trip to Las Vegas, we have been on the hunt for a companion for Willie.  He has serious attachment issues with me, and our thought was that if we found a companion for him perhaps it would not be so traumatising for him when I went away.

We decided that we really like the breed so we would start by looking for a Dachshund.  My daughter and I got online, and we started of course, with the breeder that we received Willie from.    She had two that were around the age we wanted to have but she would not split them up, they had to go as a set.

That was not the plan, I can handle one more dog, but two more would have been beyond my capabilities ( I have trouble with balance and walking any distance and Willie has managed to put me on my butt more than once).

We started looking in other places, for starters, we looked for anyone in our immediate area that had pups for sale and then we pushed our search out to include all of B.C.

My daughter found a place in Vernon that had several male pups for sale.  The dogs had been used for breeding so they were unneutered.  They would have to be neutered either by his vet or we could make arrangements with our vet, but it had to be done very shortly after we received the dog.

I had several conversations with him and we decided that we would go up on the weekend to see the dogs and to see how Willie reacted to being around each of them.

Hawkeye has family in Vernon so we got in touch with them and we decided we would stay with them.  They were happy to have us and the thought of a couple more dogs coming to their place was fine.






On Saturday morning we started out, it was pouring, just coming down in buckets, but we were determined to go before any snow hit the Coquihalla Highway.  We left around 9:30 AM and the weather just continued to be awful so we were driving a lot slower than normal.

We hit the Coquihalla about two hours later and we could speed up a bit on there.  The usual speed on the Coq (as we call it), is 120 kph, because of the rain we couldn’t do quite that until we hit the summit.  Once we passed the summit the rain tapered off and before we knew it, the sun was shining and the road became much drier.  We managed to speed up and actually do the speed limit (and if I’m being honest, a little more) so we started making some good time.

Willie is not a good traveller, scared all the time, so he rests in my arms the whole way up.  I knew that he was overweight but, Good Heavens, I thought my arms were going to drop off by the time we got to the breeder’s house.




I put the leash and harness on Willie so that he wouldn’t just take off running with all this space, not to mention the sheep and the llamas that were in a pen just off to the side of where we were parked.  I didn’t want him terrorising the poor things with his barking.

Dennis, the breeder, came out to meet us and meet Willie, took us around the back to a pen that he has for the dogs, and then went to get the first one named  Jordy.  He brought him over and we put Willie and Jordy in the pen and he went off to get Frank, the other one that we were considering.

Both dogs immediately went to smell Willie and the next thing I know, my brave, afraid of nothing, holy terror is drooling like a bull mastiff and cowering back and away from both dogs.  They had done nothing to Willie, but I guess, that having two unneutered males near him was making him very uncomfortable.

Hawkeye scooped up Willie and I went to meet the two dogs.  Jordy, the one I thought I wanted, was very standoffish and I could not seem to connect to him.  That is very rare for me because I like animals so much they are almost always friendly and eager to have me near them.

Frank, the other Dachshund and I hit it off right away.  He was eager to meet me and didn’t withdraw if I tried to pet him.  I decided that Frank would be a better choice than Jordy and turned to Hawkeye to see what he thought, he was half way across the very large front yard with Willie, trying to calm him down.

I talked to Dennis and said that I would discuss it with Hawkeye and we would be back the next day to pick up Frank.  Dennis said that he was happy with that plan, or if we decided that perhaps we would not be taking either of the dogs, we could give him a call in the morning.

I thought that was a strange thing to say because I had already decided to take Frank.  But, as we left, it kept playing in my mind, poor Willie was still so stressed that he was completely soaked by his own drool.  I grabbed his towel from the back and wiped him down, and my mind was thinking; if this is how he is going to react to having one of those dogs near him, then perhaps we did need to rethink the plan.




We drove on for another 20 minutes or so and came to Hawkeye’s Cousin’s home.  His Aunt and Uncle live in a suite in the basement and we would be staying with them.

Hawkeye’s Cousin has quite a bit of property with an area fenced off for her two dogs, and three or four paddocks all fenced off for her horse and her Shetland Pony.  The land slopes away from the house at quite a steep angle but the view over the lake is spectacular.

His Aunt and Uncle are two of my favourite people, they are so kind and fun to be around.  They had dinner on the go, so we had time to sit down and have a drink.  We told them about our trip up and how it went with the breeder, and how if we were going to take the dog, we would pick him up on Sunday morning, then head back home.

We sat around and talked and talked, then we had dinner, and Hawkeye’s Cousin and her husband came down and we just kept going until about 11:30, by that time we were all exhausted and headed to bed.

On Sunday morning, Hawkeye got up and took Willie for a walk, while I did my normal routine of trying to deal with the pain and then meditated for about 20 minutes,  got dressed and went out to make a cup of coffee.

Hawkeye’s Uncle and Cousin’s husband were up and they had already made coffee and handed me a cup as soon as I came into the kitchen.  I looked out the window and this is what I saw




I took my coffee and went out onto the deck to see the view without glass in front of me.  The picture above was taken from their deck.  It was beautiful out there, very mild, I didn’t need much more than the sweater I had on.

Hawkeye and Willie came around the corner of the house and into the yard, they had been for a walk along the road (little to no traffic) and back taking in the view and the morning air.

Hawkeye got himself a coffee and then we began to talk about what we wanted to do.  By this time, I was pretty sure that I had made a HUGE MISTAKE by even thinking about getting another dog and Hawkeye agreed.

The other thing we agreed about was that Willie was going to have to go on a diet, we could not believe how much more of him there was than the dogs we had seen the day before.  I had never previously thought of him as heavy (except riding in the truck with him in my arms), and I know show dogs have to be of perfect configuration; still, Willie was very definitely going on a diet.

I called Dennis about 9 AM and told him that we had decided to hold off on getting a dog for now.  He was very nice about it and I was glad that I had had a chance to make a new acquaintance.

We left about 10:30 and the weather was beautiful all the way over to Kamloops and then down the Coquihalla, until just before Hope.

From Vernon to Surrey
Coming down the Coquihalla

The rain came back and it wasn’t very long before it was pounding down again and everyone had to slow down to deal with it.  It was so heavy that the wipers were having quite a time trying to handle it.



The picture above shows the Fraser River a little turbulent but looking pretty good even with all the rain coming down.  The dark grey clouds in the sky have somehow turned out looking like blue patches, believe me, there were no blue patches.

We made it home by about 3:30, and the rain did not let up all night or this morning.  The trip was a good time and even though we did over 11 hours of driving in two days, it was a trip well worth taking.

First, we learned that our wee terror needs to go on a diet.

Second, we learned that Willie is probably better off as a single family dog.

And third, we learned that taking an overnight trip now and then is definitely worth the drive and the time, we both felt more relaxed after the overnighter.

That’s it for today everyone, I hope your weekends were wonderful and that the sun shone on you.  I will talk to you next week,  Take care and make sure you have some fun.





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I am a 59-year-old Wife and Mother to two adult children that I am extremely proud of. They turned out to be wonderful human beings and lucky me, I still have one at home. I am a Badass cook, a Mum to a three-year-old Dachshund male named Willie and a almost one-year-old Dashchund female named Bailey. I have a chronic illness that prevents me from working outside my home. I love taking care of my home and family and even though I need help from hubby now and then I try not to let my illness keep me from doing anything I want.

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