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Hi Everyone,

We are coming into the busiest time of the year when we all get stressed out trying to find the perfect gifts for those we love.  Christmas is busy, stressful, tiring, and just plain crazy, and that is why you desperately need a cup of tea.  I posted this originally in July, but I think we all need a reminder.

Did you know that Tea is the preferred drink of about 80% of the world’s population?  It is surpassed only by water as the drink of choice.  It comes in different types and different flavours, it comes in feel good forms like herbal teas, it comes in calming forms like Earl Grey.  It also comes in invigorating forms like English Breakfast.

Tea for me is the break that I need in the afternoon.  I make myself a cup around 4, then I go and sit outside under my deck…

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About Barojenty

I am a 59-year-old Wife and Mother to two adult children that I am extremely proud of. They turned out to be wonderful human beings and lucky me, I still have one at home. I am a Badass cook, a Mum to a three-year-old Dachshund male named Willie and a almost one-year-old Dashchund female named Bailey. I have a chronic illness that prevents me from working outside my home. I love taking care of my home and family and even though I need help from hubby now and then I try not to let my illness keep me from doing anything I want.

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