Hi Everyone, So we have here 5 meals that you can put together on Sunday and cook the day you need them.  The idea is to be ahead of the game, put all the ingredients into a freezer bag, freeze them, pull them out the day before and leave them to thaw in the fridge, […]


Hi Everyone,   Once again, I would like to apologize for the missed posts last week, I hope to make it up to you with some kick ass posts.   ADULT CHILDREN AT HOME   We are parents of 2 adult children, they both work, are responsible, are caring and empathetic, AND THEY LIVE AT […]


  Hi Everyone, Today I thought I would give you some of the sides that you can have along with your BBQ delicacies.  I mean who doesn’t love Ribs & Coleslaw, or how about Steak & Potatoes, or even Chicken & Corn.  So for today we are taking a trip to the backyard and diving […]


Hi Everyone, I decided that rather than giving you an ingredient this week, I would give you a recipe that you can do up in different ways, by either adding something to the recipe, or making it in a different way.  Most of the items you will have in your cupboards (pantry), but as usual at […]


Hi Everyone, I know that you know my little Dachshund Willie, he has his own page of pictures at the top of my blog.  He is, without doubt, the friendliest little guy I have ever known, he loves adults, kids, and other dogs.  He envies the crows, and birds in general, does not love cats, […]

Sun-Dried Tomatoes – The Ingredient This Week

  Hi Everyone, I have five new recipes that include an appetizer, two meat free options, a chicken dish, and how to make your own Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and to incorporate last weeks ingredient, I have included something that can be eaten for dessert.  So why don’t we get started: HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SUN-DRIED […]


 Hi Everyone, Ginger is one of those things that can be used for savory or sweet dishes, so I thought I would give you a couple of both, and maybe throw in a drink as well.  As usual the grocery list will follow the recipes.  And as promised, one of the recipes also includes the […]

Minimalism – I want to be a Minimalist

Hi Everyone, I was mucking around on Pinterest last week, and I kept seeing all these posts about Minimalism.  I wasn’t entirely sure what Minimalism was, I actually thought it was probably part of that Tiny House Movement (shudder), but I took a closer look and I started realising that it was exactly what I […]

Balsamic Vinegar – This Week’s New Ingredient

Hi Everyone, Did you have a good laugh at the picture of me with my hand around my eye, looking to the future on Tuesday’s blog?  My daughter came to me and told me how much of a fool I looked, and I said that, that was the point.  You were supposed to get a […]

To-Do List – the Benefits of Having One

    Hi Everyone, I have to apologize for no content on Tuesday or today, my computer crashed and was sent in for repairs.  Black Lab which is the company I use when we have problems with our computers, double-timed it, because they know that I write a blog and that I was going to […]